Key Cutting

Do you want a spare key made? Did you notice some key distortions and must get a new key? You are likely in need of key cutting in Scarborough, Ontario. This means that you already have a key and you want this key either replaced or duplicated.

Some of these situations are urgent. Some are not. In either case, you can count on Locksmith Scarborough to have a new key quickly. No worries about that. New keys are made without delay and are made correctly to operate smoothly. Book the service and be sure of the good rate too.

Experts in key cutting serve Scarborough

Key Cutting Scarborough

When you choose our company for key cutting, Scarborough well-equipped locksmiths come out as soon as you want the service. They come out prepared to make keys – any key needed. This means that the service vans are filled with key-cutting machines, blank keys, various products, equipment, and tools. And so, the locksmiths can replace keys. They can make copies of existing keys. If it comes to car chip keys, they have the means to program them. In one sentence, they have the skills and the equipment to make new keys in a few moments and a proper manner.

Full services, from key duplication to replacement

What kind of key do you want cut? A door lock key? A file cabinet key? Is your mailbox key damaged and should be replaced? As we said, key cutting involves making keys by using the original keys. And whether this is an emergency due to key damage or just the right time to get more copies of a key, we’ve got you covered.

  •          Key duplicating. Want one more house key? Need a few copies of an office key? If you want one or several copies of a key, say the word and consider the job done.
  •          Key replacing. Did you see some dents on a key? Is one of your keys hard to operate lately due to some scratches or other form of damage? If you want this key replaced with a new key, let our team know.
  •          Key retrieval and replacement. Now, if your damaged key is jammed inside the lock, don’t panic. Once again, contact our team. A Scarborough locksmith will soon come over to extract the key and make a new one.

Anywhere in Scarborough, key cutting services are offered promptly and only by well-equipped and experienced locksmiths. Since you don’t have to pay much to have a new key made, contact us without hesitation.